My story

Passionate About Inspiring Others

I’ve been working as a certified  transformational life coach who specialises in helping couples take that next step. I coach my clients in a way that utilises both their heads and their hearts.

The essence of my work is to facilitate as much self-growth as possible in each of my clients. I work closely with all of my clients to pinpoint personal setbacks, and help them overcome them with booming confidence. I specialise in creating customised plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals. Transforming your life is my number one priority. Making sure that each individual is in a good space and then working together as a couple to achieve even greater highest and creating the prefect space for each other.

As much as I love coaching, I love travelling! I give small group talks as well as workshops on larger scales, as there is always something new to learn. I love working with return clients, as well as creating a bond with new ones. Your life can be restored, you can have the life of your dreams and have that ever lasting, fulfilling partner, it is just a matter of finding the right tools and being shown the correct direction to take.

Life is simply too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled — so what’s holding you back? Let’s tackle the source of your problems together once and for all. Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your pursuits and greater life purpose. Get in touch with me today.

Take on the magical journey of transforming your lives together as a unit!

Feedback & Reviews

Here is what my clients have said about my programs

“At first we were not sure if this was the right course for us. We decided to take on the challenge and complete the program to the end. We are so glad we did! Not only did the program change us individually but as a couples we are much stronger! Thank you very much for showing us that there are so many different ways to love, communicate and forgive”

Jonathan & Candace

Relationship Mending

” We really cannot thank Rebekah enough for everything she has done for us! We were ready to call it off when Sue found her website. From the time we spoke to Rebekah on the phone to leaving her office, we knew  our lives would change forever! Boy has it changed but we have so many things to be grateful for and we can now happily live a joyful life together. “

Russell & Sue

Marriage Rescue

” After my divorce I felt I had no where to go, I found Rebekah’s website at my lowest point. I figured I had nothing else to loss. Once we conducted our first session I knew Rebekah would be able to help me refind myself and guide me with a open heart to choose what it right for me, right now in my life. Thank you very much for showing me how I can change my life around.”

Janice Griffin

Self Discovery after Divorce


It is our believe that each person has the right and privilege to live life to the fullest. 

We believe that we have the love, the knowledge and correct tools to guide you. To develop the skills and knowledge to reach your dreams and heart desire.

We pride ourselves in creating a Safe Space for you to let go of emotions and be the true you, with no judgement.


We value people and their uniqueness.

Our Core Values are;

– Insuring a Safe Environment for you.

– Stick to strong Integrity & Ethics

– Show Loyalty & Love to you

– Have a Reliable coaching system

– Share in the Open Mindedness of Transformation.


Our Vision is to create a Safe Space for our clients to be and become who they truly are. 

To guide you in finding your true Passion & Purpose

To guide in finding Inner Peace, Happiness and Heal from within.

Guide couples into better Communication and Understanding of one another.

Transform Lives One By One


To stick to true information with energy work and create a safe place for our clients.

To insure we maintain our code of conduct and ethics to the boards we belong to.

Create a helping hand that will ultimately heal and transform our clients to the very best. 

Help our clients become the best version of themselves.

What can I do for You?

There is a little bit of everything for everyone in my programs not only are they unique but they are tailor made to fit your needs.

I’m a public speaker that hosts and Guest Speaks at Events

Throughout the year we plan talks / seminars for existing and new clients. Topics range from Relationships, Family Communication, Removing self from Traumatic Family, Mother and Baby Nutrition. 

I also make provisions to talk around subjects given for Guest Speaking. Contact me for more information on a specific topic you might be interested in. There is always something to learn.

I’ve work with Couples and Families 

Understanding family dynamics has always been my passion. Not only understanding my own history and family origin but that of other cultures too. I love taking a deeper look in what our ancestors roll really plays in our lives today. There is no much to learn and so much to understand when it comes it family. There is always a solution and together we look for what is right for you right now.

Assisting relationship is also one of my top priorities. Understanding of self is very important before taking on the new role within a relationship,  whether it being a new partner; engagement or marriage there has to be balance but most importantly the balance of self. 

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Need To Talk?

Still unsure which program will work best for you?

Give me a call, or send a message, WhatsApp or eMail and I will get back to you!