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Course & Program Outline

Enlightened Relationship

knowing who you are will improve the relations around you. The first step in having the most amazing partner is to know who you are and what you are looking for in the perfect partner. In this program we cover your needs, your partners needs and where you can meet in the middle. Understanding conflict and how to resolve it before it gets out of hand. Understanding where "cold feet" come from and how to handle change as it comes up.

Marriage Rescue

The first couple of years are the easiest but once the dynamic has changed it can place a lot of strain on the newly weds. Things can change quickly and make it uncomfortable for both partners. In this program we cover, self forgiveness and spousal forgiveness. How to improve your current state of mind and how you can move forward together as a unit once again. Placing your needs and your partners needs as first priority.

Divorce - Unshakable Confidence

When nothing else was possible Divorce was the only answer, as much as you wanted to "fit" it there just seemed no way out. Being lost in self-esteem, anxiety and fear of divorce happening again and hinder your future in finding the correct partner for you. In this program we cover how to regain your confidence, boost your self-esteem and take on the challenge of concocring the world again.

Online - Self Discovery

This course is based on a 8-week online program that will teach you the ins and outs of the conscious and subconscious mind and how to better understand why you respond the way you do.
Thereafter a practical class over 3 days that will cover everything learnt on the online program as well as transformation of self.

The Gratitude Plan - Workshop

Is a half day workshop every second Saturday of the month, where we look at your current situation, where you want to be and go, thereafter we program together how to set the right goals, vision and outcome for your future.
We have a look at your progress from the weeks past and what more you can do for yourself.

Free Gratitude Plan Journal.

Family Systemic - Workshop

We all know the importance of family. Most of us understand why knowing family history can benefit us and lead us into a better understanding of self. When we heal ourselves we heals those around us, before us and after us. Through Family Systemic you get to see and you get to feel the source of the issue, something internally just clicks and greater understanding takes place.